Project Description

Rotorua Adrenaline Junkies

This experience rings you some of the best adrenaline pumping experiences that Rotorua has to offer. We offer dedicated transport between your accommodation and Rotorua’s best adventure activities. Simply pay for your own admission at the activities. For example, a full 8 hour day could include:

This tour starts off with a 9:00am motel / hotel pickup and whisks you off to one of Rotorua’s foremost ‘adrenaline centres’, Skyline Skyrides. Here you’ll enjoy a Gondola ride up to fun central! Once at the top, you can enjoy 5 extremely addictive Luge Rides, the Big Swing and a spin down their huge Zoom ZipLine.

After lunch, it’s off to Velocity Valley where you can choose from 4 great activities: the Agrojet jet boat, the Shweeb Racer, an awesome Freefall Xtreme experience or the Swoop, possibly one of the biggest free swings you’ll ever experience!

If after all of that, what’s better than bouncing down a hill in an inflatable bouncy ball? We’re off for a couple of rides on the Ogo!

hours (approx)
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