Cruise ship transfers

For when you arrive and depart, our friendly Rotorua team offers Port excursions from both Auckland and Tauranga Ports.  Please see our suggested itineraries below – if you want to do something not listed please let us know as we will work with you to make your day out memorable!

Custom New Zealand Tour

Let us help you plan a unique, custom tour experience.

Auckland Highlights Tour

Being picked up from your cruise ship or port and embarking on a tour of Auckland is an enchanting experience. As you disembark, the vibrant cityscape of Auckland, often called the “City of Sails,” greets you with its stunning waterfront views and bustling harbours. Your journey begins with a scenic drive along the picturesque Viaduct Harbour, where sleek yachts and charming cafes line the docks. A visit to the iconic Sky Tower offers panoramic vistas of the sprawling city and its surrounding islands. You’ll explore the verdant Auckland Domain, home to the Auckland War Memorial Museum, which provides deep insights into New Zealand’s history and Maori culture. The tour continues through the trendy districts of Ponsonby and Parnell, showcasing boutique shops, art galleries, and gourmet eateries. As you wind down, a leisurely stroll along Mission Bay beach allows you to soak in the serene coastal beauty, with the silhouette of Rangitoto Island in the distance. This highlights tour encapsulates the essence of Auckland, blending urban sophistication with natural splendour.